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Trylon Elastic Pylons
L5984, 5985 and 5988

Price: $240 up to 11"
Over 11", request a quote.

Trylon Elastic Pylons

Triple helix elastic Trylons are engineered to be used exclusively with Dycor's ADL rocker bottom “K”and “H” Series and FDS feet. Twisting the helical members externally from the foot up causes the Trylon to shorten as it externally rotates. Helical members are available in nine diameters to control motion in response to client weight, foot size, activity level and impact level (moderately high, moderate and moderately low). Increasing or decreasing the rate of twist controls motion in response to Trylon OAL length (moderate and moderately low impact Trylon may not be available in shorter lengths).

When ordering specify:

  • Right or Left
  • Client weight and foot size
  • K level
  • Impact level (moderately high, moderate, moderately low)

Allow three days for fabrication.

All Trylon pylons are custom fabricated to purchaser's specifications.

Sales are final and not subject to a return policy.

To assure accurate specifications, it is recommended that you use the appropriate “K” or “H” Series loaner foot aligned to a dynamic test socket with an inelastic aluminum pylon. (Please note: the longitudinal axis of the Trylon must pass through the AP and ML knee center at MPT level). When socket design and alignment have been completed, measure the exact OAL of the pylon. The aluminum pylon can then be exchanged with the same length Trylon during the definitive fabrication sequence. Position adapters in neutral to allow any fine tuning of alignment subsequent to transfer.

  • No additional weight; weighs less than an aluminum pylon of equal length.
  • Available in both industry standard 30 and 22 mm. diameters 
  • Torque absorption increases as vertical load increases and residual leg length or surface area decreases. 
  • Accommodates suspension pin when requested. 
  • Competitively priced with other torque absorption/elastic pylon systems.