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Plantar-Flexion - Back Bumper

Bumper, Foot Size 25-28cm $6.82
Bumper, Foot Size 23-24cm $6.82

Plantar Flexion - Back Bumper

Durometer range 60 to 80. Can be mixed and matched with back bumpers and keels. Available in soft, medium, firm and extra firm for 2 different foot sizes. 

Use for all size Dycor feet.

Effective durometer can be increased by wrapping the bumper 10-15 times with fiber reinforced tape. The tighter the wrap the more firm the bumper becomes. When removing the bumper from the foot DO NOT back out the foot attachment screws more than 6 times. When inserting reinforced bumper tighten ankle bolts to 4 to 5 ft. lbs.