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Roller Track Prosthetic Hip

Roller Track Prosthetic Hip, Patented

Anatomical positioning of the hip joint enhances toe clearance during swing phase. The roller track prosthetic system can be made exceptionally light and durable because GRF passes directly through the weight bearing roller and hip joint.

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Positioning the hip joint in the center of the socket rather than anteriorly enhances toe clearance during swing phase because the knee swings forward and upward rather than forward and downward. Hip rotation occurs through a laterally mounted single axis joint with extension stop and flexion bias. Vertical loads are supported by a wheel attached to the thigh pylon component transversing a hemispherical track built into the socket. Strength and weight is enhanced because the supporting structure is always directly under and opposed to the dynamic applied load.

Alignment Coupling
Provides 1" from neutral A-P to M-L travel, 360 degrees rotation. The ADL Coupling allows the prosthetist to use the same below knee endoskeletal definitive kit for both intermediate and definitive prosthetics.

Presently not available.