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AFP - Flexible Keel Single Axis (FSA) L5975 and Flexible Multi Axis (FMA), Patented
L5972 and L5984

AFP Uni-axial $267.12
AFP Tri-axial $399.42
Titanium Pyramid
$  30.00

AFP (Adjustable Ankle Flexible Thermo-Plastic keel) Foot

AFP ankle/foot products are available with single or multi-axial ankles. Ankle flexion is controlled with various durometer plantar and dorsi-flexion bumpers. Multi-axial ankle inversion/eversion, dorsi- and plantar- flexion and transverse rotation function individually and separately. Inversion/eversion and transverse rotation occur through a helical bearing and is also controlled by various number and durometer of bumpers. 

Flexibility of ankle/foot function is also influenced by the inherent elastic quality (modulus of elasticity) and selected cross-sectional thickness of the thermoplastic keel (increasing or decreasing the area of inertial impact). To clinically accommodate appropriate flexibility, refer to the AFP keel deflection chart.

Multi-axial ankle are available in 5 ft/lbs. (10 degrees of rotation), 7.5 ft/lbs. and 10 ft/lbs. The IPO version (5  ft/lbs.)  does not incorporate bumpers to control rotation and is recommended for immediate and early post-operative weight bearing prosthetics. The STM or soft tissue management version (7.5 ft/lbs.) is recommended when protecting fragile soft tissue within the socket interface is of primary importance. The AGM or aggressive gait management version is recommended when terrain and GRF accommodation is of primary importance.

Total weight of the of all components to include integrated foot shell, keel and ankle adapter range from 280 grams (.6 lbs.) to 408 grams (.9 lbs.) Build height average (26 cm) is 3.875 “. Available in low (5% OAL) and medium (10% OAL) heel height.