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AFP - Syme, Patented
Flexible Keel Syme Single Axis
(FSA Syme) L5975
Flexible Keel Syme Multi-Axis
(FMA Syme),
L5972 and L5984

AFP Uni-axial $220.00
AFP B/Tri-axial $340.00

AFP Syme Foot

AFP Syme ankles are laminated directly to the end of the plastic socket. A loaner adjustable AFP foot is recommended for client evaluation and dynamic alignment. Place a 2” platform underneath the contralateral shoe to obtain equal leg length. After dynamic alignment, replace adjustable foot with syme foot and temporarily bond the ankle block to the socket using five minute epoxy. Unbolt keel from ankle block and seal the underside of the ankle block with two layers of fiberglass and five minute epoxy (make sure internal cavity of ankle block is completely sealed prior to vacuum lamination).