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DR - Dynamic Response 
Articulated Ankle,

Uni-planar $600.00
Bi-planar $660.00
Tri-planar $720.00

DR - Dynamic Response Foot

Dynamic Response clinical philosophy is rather interesting and unique because of engineered synergizing of ankle articulation flexibility and elastic thermoplastic/spring steel composite keel resiliency. Combining these opposed concepts for moderate and moderately high impact ADLs is essentially a “balancing act” and requires an extensive range of flexibility and resiliency.

To accommodate this range, DR feet are available with Uni-planar, Bi-planar and Tri-planar ankle articulation variations. The Tri-planar variation incorporates a functionally independent vertical axis torque absorber available in extra firm, firm, medium, soft and extra soft durometer. 

The extra firm, firm, soft and extra soft are custom products and are not returnable. 

Resiliency of the elastic thermoplastic keel is varied by embedding leaf springs within the upper member and changing the durometer and size of deflection bumpers. 

The patented cantilevered keel design raises the toe and forefoot during swing phase and lowers the toe and forefoot during late stance phase.

The Tri-planar version has 5 different durometer rotations: Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Firm, and Extra-Firm.

Dynamic Response feet are custom made to your client’s weight and specifications and are non-returnable.