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Low Profile Energy Returning,

FDS Foot $545.00

FDS - Syme/Transtibial Energy Return

The FDS energy returning epoxy/carbon fiber advanced composite keel is horizontally layered similar to a leaf spring. The number and thickness of each layer depends on foot size and client weight. The titanium adjustable ankle adapter is integrated into the keel, minimizing weight and build height (1.375”). The heel portion of the keel (posterior to the ankle adapter) is a flexible urethane-fiberglass composite and transitions into the portion anterior to the ankle. FDS is considered a special order product and is fabricated using flexible molds to individually tailor the elastic qualities of the epoxy/carbon fiber advanced composite and is a non-returnable product. The FDS foot is designed primarily for moderately high impact unassisted ADLs or when minimum adjustable build height is necessary.

FDS feet are custom made to your client’s weight and specifications and are non-returnable.

Specify weight in lbs. and size in centimeters of your client.

Maximum weight is 300 lbs. for any size. FDS feet are subject to a materials/labor surcharge of 10% when the weight exceeds the FDS Weight Chart.