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H Series”, Patented
Solid Ankle Elastic Keels with
Transverse Torque Absorption
L5984 (plus one of the following:
L5971, 72, 76, or 81)

H Series $298.80
(K Series with a vertical
axis transverse torque)

H2A H2U H3U L5984 with one of the following:
L5972, 5971, 5976, 5981

Example: L3FH3U 5971, 5972, 5976 or 5981.

“H Series” Feet

Flexibility and resiliency of the “H” feet are determined by utilizing the same structural modifications as the “K” feet with the addition of a vertical axis torque absorber that functions independently of dorsi-flexion and forefoot rotation. The torque absorber incorporates patent pending ball and socket joint with adjacent radial bearing and is integrated into the molded thermoplastic keel along with the ankle adaptor and ankle. Integrated torque absorbers are available in extra soft, soft, medium, firm and extra firm.