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"K Series", Patented
Solid Ankle Elastic Keels
L5971, 72, 86, or 81

L5971, 72, 76, or 81
K1A, K2U, K2A, K3U
Example: R5SK2A

“K Series” Feet

The design of “K Series” feet is unique in the prosthetic industry and profession. Essentially, the ankle adapter, ankle and keel are all one piece of molded thermoplastic resulting in an extremely lightweight and strong structure. Flexibility and resiliency are controlled in the following ways:

  • Changing the molecular characteristics of the thermoplastic by adding or removing plasticizers.
  • Changing the cross sectional thickness of the longitudinal arch relative to the OAL (changing the modulus of elasticity and area of inertial impact). The relative thickness of the extra soft version is 3% OAL, soft is 5%, medium is 7% and firm is 9%.
  • Altering the durometer and diameter of the dorsi-flexion and plantar flexion bumpers or snubbers. Shore hardness ranges from 50 to 90. Diameters range from .435 to .625”.
  • Changing the position of the bumpers. The more flexible K1A and K2U have and extra bumper anterior to the ankle attachment.

K1A “K SERIES” L5971, 72
Dycor’s “K Series” K1A prosthetic foot is suitable for for moderately low impact unassisted and assisted  transfers, ankle disarticulation and transtibial levels. It is also well suited for the transfermoral level when used with a manual lock or safety knee. For bi-lateral assisted transfer, the K1A foot should be used in conjunction with a K2A (Assisted ADL) “K Series” foot (dominant side). The biomechanical design of the K1A (Assisted Transfer) ”K Series” foot is ideal because it minimizes ground reaction force without the weight of an ankle joint. The weight of the keel, titanium pyramid and integrated foot shell is 7 oz. (198 grams).

Weight limit is 100 (min.) to 340 (max.) lbs., depending on size.

K2U “K SERIES” L5971, 72
Dycor’s “K Series” K2U prosthetic foot is suitable for moderate low and moderate impact unassisted and assisted ADLs and unassisted transfers. The design is similar to the K1A (assisted transfer) “K Series” foot, and incorporates firmer dorsi-flexion and plantar-flexion bumpers. For bilateral unassisted transfer, the K2U should be used in conjunction with a K2A (assisted ADL) “K Series” foot (dominate side). Weight is 7 oz./198 grams (26 med.) including integrated foot shell. 

Weight limit is 99 lb.(min.) to 295 lb. (max.) depending on size.

K2A  “K SERIES” L5971, 72, 76, 81
Dycor’s “K Series” K2A foot is suitable for moderately and moderately high unassisted and assisted uni and bilateral ADLs.Similar to the “K Series” K1A and K2U feet, the “K Series” K2A foot is extremely light and durable (7 oz. including integrated EVA foot shell). The “K Series” K2A relies on plantar flexion bumper compression and dorsi-deflection of the semi rigid thermoplastic keel. 

Weight limit is 113 lbs. (min.) to 295 lbs. (max.), depending on size.
Patent and patent pending.

K3U “K Series L5971, 72, 76, 81
Dycor’s “K Series” K3U is suitable for moderately high impact unassisted ADLs. This  foot relies on plantar compression of rubber bumpers and dorsi-deflection of a semi-flexible keel. This combination provides an ideal platform for clients that prefer resiliency, durability and lightness for both uni-lateral and bi-lateral unassisted ADL. Weight of foot is 7 oz. including integrated EVA foot shell. 

Weight limit is 99 lb. (min.) to 259 lb. (max.) depending on size. 
Patent and patent pending.