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Dycor’s original ADL foot is designed for moderately low and moderate impact ADLs. The flexible molded polypropylene keel and articulated ankle are forgiving and accommodating, and allows the prosthetic wearer to achieve and maintain a “non-reactive” weight bearing foot for as long as possible during the weight bearing stance phase.

The AFP Syme feet are exactly the same as the AFP products minus the adjustable ankle adaptor.

The DR foot is well suited when greater resiliency is preferred for moderate and moderately high impact ADLs. Ankle articulation is available in Uni-, Bi- and Tri-Axial options. The Tri-Axial option is available with variable durometer vertical axis torque absorber.

There are four grades in the “K Series” feet ranging from very flexible for light impact assisted transfers to moderate impact very resilient impact unassisted ADLs.

“H Series” feet are exactly the same as the “K Series” feet with the addition of variable durometer vertical axis torque absorber. 

The advanced composite FDS foot is layered horizontally to enhance forefoot flexibility. The titanium foot adapter is integrated into the keel minimizing floor clearance.

The LCD foot is exactly the same as the FDS foot with the addition of a temporary and  removable pyramid and dome.

The TME foot’s construction is similar to the FDS and LCD feet. Three grades of flexibility and resiliency accommodate residual limb length. The TME is approximately three times more flexible than either FDS or LCD feet.

The TMF is exactly the same as the PFS with the addition of a .065 polypropylene keel.

 Primarily utilized for cosmetic restoration.

Dycor's prosthetic feet are the lightest on the market today. 
Significant weight reduction is accomplished with use of a unique patented resin transfer infusion and lightweight polypropylene components. Dycor designers achieve the blend of comfort, balance, and design by successfully combining the technology and application of three critical components:

  1. Shock and shear absorption
  2. Flexibility and resiliency 
  3. Versatility and reliability 

All Dycor feet include a beige foot shell. Foot shells can be sprayed with Crylon spray paint if you need a different color to accommodate your client. Information needed to process an order for a Dycor foot - please specify the following: 

  1. Right or Left 
  2. Size in Centimeters 
  3. Keel: Soft (S), Medium (M), Firm (F)
    Please refer to Keel Deflection Chart* 
  4. Type of foot:
  5. • Single Axis (1A)
    • Multi Axis (2A), version AGM or STM
    • “K Series”: K1A, K2A,K2U, K3U
    • “H Series”: H2A, H2U, H3U. The H Series foot is a K Series with a vertical transverse torque.
    • Dynamic Response (DR): Specify Uni (1), Bi (2), or Tri (3) Axial
    • FDS and LCD specify weight and K level. We do the rest. 
  6. Weight and K Level

* Keel is determined by centimeter and weight of your client. Keel Deflection Chart indicates maximum weight for each size.

Example: 24 cm/maximum weight for a 24 cm is 160 lbs.
If your client is a 24 cm and weighs 173 lbs, he is over the weight limit. However, we can substitute a 25cm or 26 cm keel in a 24 cm shell to accommodate the weight, but the foot will then be considered “custom” and cannot be returned. 

Specify Uni (-1), Bi (-2), or Tri (-3) when ordering.