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Dycor Definitive TT & TF Systems

Dycor ADL Foot
ADL Uni-axial $363.82
ADL Tri-axial $495.92
Pylon height is 9”.
Please call technical services for
prices on other pylon heights.

Definitive TT & TF Systems

The stock definitive system includes an AFP single or multi axis (AGM or STM) single ended advanced composite pylon with an adjustable proximal pylon and socket adaptor. The stock non adjustable ankle is positioned in neutral. The AFP foot is available in low profile heel height (5% AOL) and medium profile (10% AOL). The elastic epoxy /fiberglass advanced composite pylon is available in five wall thicknesses based on the weight of your client. (See Pylon Wall Thickness Chart). The outside dimension of the pylon is 1.25” and can be converted to the industry standard 30mm by using the appropriate selected reducing sleeve epoxied into the proximal end of the Dycor pylon. Custom foot/pylon systems are available that accommodate a wide range of dorsi and plantar flexion and ankle eversion/inversion. Call Technical Services for specification of this product.

See price list below left. Prices are with 9" pylons. 

For other heights, see Dynamic Response Composite pylon price list.

Assembled Definitive Kit is shown at left with socket (not sold by Dycor) from the clinician. Socket choices are provided and assembled by clinician.

Please note Definitive Kits are not returnable unless they are defective.