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Ergogenic Foot/Shank System
L5981, 5984, 5985, 5988 and 5962 or L5987 and 5962

Price $1437.00

Ergogenic i Foot/Shank System

The Ergogenic i foot/shank system is a completely integrated TT prosthesis provided exclusively through Dycor's Central Fabrication Service Department. The prosthesis includes a fiberglass/carbon fiber composite socket, advanced carbon fiber composite Trylon shanks and energy returning feet, flexible urethane foam shaping and a silicone impregnated nylon protective skin. All adjustable components are removed during definitive transfer. There are several advantages to this approach to definitive fabrication, three of which are maximizing the effective length of the elastic Trylon shank, minimizing weight and reducing cost. The drawback to this approach is lack of adjustment and interchangeability of sockets and feet. To avoid the potential problems in this drawback, complete definitive design specifications must be obtained in the form of properly fitting and dynamically aligned preparatory prosthesis. All functional and rehabilitation goals must be met and soft tissue volume must be shown to have stabilized for a period of at least 3 – 4 weeks in response to full time wear and subsequent to the attainment of goals. Additionally, previous clinical experience with the adjustable Ergogenic system is recommended to better understand the subtle and relative dynamic loading characteristics of the inelastic aluminum and elastic Tyrlon pylons, particularly when aligning in the frontal plane. The preparatory prosthesis should be aligned with an appropriate loaner “K Series” prosthetic foot and inelastic aluminum pylon.

All sales of Ergogenic i prosthetic systems are absolutely final and not subject to any return policy. The Ergongenic i can be purchased with or without the low definition foam shaping and silicone/nylon protective cover.

In addition to shimming and measuring specifications, provide the following information when ordering:

  • Right or Left
  • Client weight and foot size
  • K level (2 or 3)
  • Impact level (moderately high, moderate, moderately low)

Allow three days for fabrication.

Coding: L5981, 5984, 5985, 5988 and 5962 or L5987 and 5962
Weight: 760 grams or 27 oz. or 1.7 lbs. (26 cm medium)
Heel Height Options: Low (5% Foot OAL), medium (8% foot OAL)

Ordering specifications: Same as Trylon plus shimming and OAL measurement.

*Customer is responsible for all shipping charges pertaining to the loaner foot,  which must be returned in reusable condition.