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Matryx Foot/Shank System
L5974, 5984, 5985 and 5988 or L5987

Price $643.00

Matryx Foot/Shank System

The Matryx system is a per-positioned multi-axial ankle/elastic keel foot permanently attached to an elastic Trylon shank and allows the torque absorbing qualities of the Matryx system to extend all the way to the ankle joint. This arrangement is particularly useful when the residuum is relatively long and resumption and/or maintenance of ADLs require pronounced rotation and eversion/inversion. Use Dycor loaner adjustable multi-axial AFP feet and inelastic aluminum pylons for alignment, shimming and measurement (refer to the Satylite System for shimming and measurements). The Matrix system is recommend for moderate and moderately low impact K2 - K3 activity levels and when the length of the residuum is equal to or less than 38% of the leg length (MTP to floor).

In addition to shimming and measuring specifications, provide the following information when ordering:

  • Right or Left
  • Client weight and foot size
  • K level (2 or 3)
  • Impact level (moderate and moderately low)

Allow three days for fabrication.

Coding: L5974, 5984, 5985 and 5988 or L5987
Weight: 335 gram or 10.8 oz.
              (26 medium, includes integrated EVA foot shell) 
Heel Height: 1.1 – 1.5 cm. Heel height from 1.8 – 2.4 cm can be special ordered

Ordering specifications: Same as Trylon plus shimming and floor OAL measurement.

*Customer is responsible for all shipping charges pertaining to the loaner foot, which must be returned in reusable condition.