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Satylite Foot/Shank System
L5975, 5984, 5985 and 5988 or L5987

Price $492.00
(Shank longer than 11" will be quoted.)

Satylite Foot/Shank System

The Satylite system is a per-positioned single axis elastic keel foot permanently attached to an elastic Trylon shank. All Dycor foot/shank systems utilize rubber bumper compression for motion control during the first half of the step and deflection of advanced carbon fiber composites during the second half.

Positioning the pylon relative to the foot and socket is per-determined during preparatory or diagnostic prosthetics. A loaner single axis AFP foot can be dynamically aligned to the socket using an inelastic aluminum pylon. To take full kinesiomechanical advantage of Satylite and to minimize unnecessary stress, the longitudinal axis of the Trylon shank should pass through the center of the knee from front to back and side to side regardless of the inclination of the residuum (this requirement will often preclude the use of Trylon or Trylon foot/shank systems with OTS pin suspension systems). The Satylite system is recommended for moderate and moderately low impact K2 - K3 activity levels and when the residuum is equal to or less than 38% of leg length (MPT to floor). When dynamic alignment has been completed, set the preparatory prosthesis on a level work area and shim the bottom of the foot so that the pylon is vertical in both frontal and para-sagittal plains and measure the distance from the bench surface to the top of the pylon. These shimming and dimension measurements will be duplicated during the fabrication of the Satylite system. 

The Satylite system is custom fabricated and therefore not subject to a return policy, so align, shim and measure carefully.

In addition to shimming and measuring specifications, provide the following information when ordering:

  • Right or Left
  • Client weight and foot size
  • K level (2 or 3)
  • Impact level (moderate and moderately low)

Allow three days for fabrication.

Coding: L5975, 5984, 5985, 5988 or L5987
Weight: 278 grams or 9.8 oz
              (26 medium, includes integrated heat forming EVA foot shell) 
Heel Height: 1.1 – 1.5 cm. Heel height from 1.8 – 2.4 cm can be special ordered.

Ordering specifications: Same as Trylon plus shimming and OAL measurement.

*Customer is responsible for all shipping charges pertaining to the loaner foot, which must be returned in reusable condition.