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Dycor Ordering Requirements

Dycor's prosthetic feet are the lightest on the market today.

Significant weight reduction is accomplished with use of a unique patented resin transfer infusion and lightweight polypropylene components. Dycor designers achieve the blend of comfort, balance, and design by successfully combining the technology and application of three critical components:
1) Shock and shear absorption, 2) Flexibility and resiliency, and 3) Versatility and reliability

All Dycor feet include a beige foot shell. Foot shells can be sprayed with Crylon spray paint if you need a different color to accommodate your client. Information needed to process an order for a Dycor foot - please specify the following:

  1. Right or Left
  2. Size in Centimeters
  3. Keel - Soft (S) Medium (M) Firm (F)
    Refer to Keel Deflection Chart*
  4. Type of foot:
    • Single Axis (1A)
    • Multi Axis (2A), version AGM or STM
    • “K Series”: K1A, K2A,K2U, K3U
    • “H Series”: H2A, H2U, H3U also available with vertical Axis Transverse Torque
    • Dynamic Response (DR): Specify Uni (1), Bi (2), or Tri (3) Axial
    • FDS and LCD specify weight and K level. We do the rest.
  5. Weight and K Level

*Keel is determined by centimeter and weight of your client. 
Keel Deflection Chart indicates maximum weight for each size.
Example: 24cm/maximum weight for a 24 cm is 160 lbs.
If your client is a 24cm and weighs 173 lbs, he is over the weight limit. 
However, we can substitute a 25cm or 26 cm keel in a 24 cm shell to accommodate the weight, but the foot will then be
considered “custom” and cannot be returned.

Specify Uni (-1) Bi (-2) or Tri (-3) when ordering.