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Dycor L-Codes / L Coding Chart

The Dycor "K Series" and "DR" feet are designed for clinical gradient or gradual change in response to level of activity. This gradient is not always clearly defined by conventional nomenclature. Consequently, Dycor’s "K Series" and "DR" products will be defined in terms of clinical applicability relating to transfers and ADLs.
Please review the enclosed product descriptions.
Medicare will not reimburse for anything below K3.

Dycor Pricing and Coding Policy
“L” Coding was initially intended to describe how a device functions. From these coding descriptions, assumptions and implications were made inferring to the clinical acceptability of ascribed coding. This system is fundamentally flawed because there is not one shred of “hard” scientific evidence that supports these arbitrary assumptions and implications.

To make matters worse, coding is now being used to determine eligibility and reimbursement policy which places the O&P profession in an impossibly difficult situation where the clinician is often forced to choose between what may or may not be most beneficial to the client and what Medicare may or may not reimburse.

It is Dycor’s policy to determine the price of products based solely on manufacturing cost.

Dycor will also continue to suggest mandatory “L” coding based on how the device functions and how this functionality might be best utilized by specific individuals under specific circumstances.

It is not even remotely feasible that O&P products can be designed around existing “K Level” nomenclature. However, it is entirely feasible to design products specifically for the following K level nomenclature of independent activity:

K1 – Assisted transfer
K2 – Unassisted transfer/ assisted home and community ADL
K3 – Unassisted home and community ADL

When purchasing Dycor products, it is necessary to first consider the following:

  1. Based on Dycor “K level” nomenclature, what is the client’s most current and potential independent transfer and ADL status?
  2. Will the design of the product meet the needs and otherwise compensate for or provide correction to well defined kinesiological pathology?
  3. Will Medicare reimburse for the clinical application of any one O&P product and procedure based on the assigned K level and ascribed L codes, and at what rate?

Technological and clinical specialists at Dycor with a vast amount of experience can assist you in addressing these questions and are available to you at no charge. Dycor encourages you to utilize this valuable resource prior to making any decisions regarding product selection and purchase. Please review Dycor’s sales policy and return policy for additional information.

For L Coding assistance, please call our Technical Services Department at 281.403.0117.