Dycor Prosthetics.

Renewing Lifestyles. Leading Technology.

Every human being requiring a prosthesis should have access to maximum freedom and mobility, within their range of ability. All Dycor products are inspired and created by this basic philosophy. Dycor understands functional restoration is the process and physical rehabilitation is the product. Mechanical functionality is one of many tools prosthetists use to help special people solve very special rehabilitation problems. Dycor is committed to keeping the cost of this clinically specific tool down so prosthetists can keep the value of their rehabilitation specialty up. Since our inception in 1987, this underlying belief and understanding solidly manifests itself in the service, quality, workmanship and pricing of our products. Renew your clients’ lifestyles with a new sense of freedom in movement. Specify Dycor products as part of your clinical protocol. The design of our products takes into account the unique structural and functional requirements of geriatric and non-geriatric wearers because they do not routinely subject themselves to the same

inadvertent and excessive stress. Dycor also limits prosthetic utilization to activities of daily living (ADL) as opposed to extra ambulatory or high impact sports which can increased repetitious structural loading.

The Dycor Experience
Our prosthetic feet are the lightest on the market. Significant weight reduction is accomplished with use of patented resin transfer infusion and lightweight thermoplastic components. Dycor designers achieve the blend of comfort, balance, and design by successfully combining technology and application of three critical components – (1) shock and shear absorption, (2) flexibility and resiliency, and (3) versatility and reliability. Ankle attachment is positioned as low and forward as cosmetically feasible in the foot to reduce mechanical stress on components. Dycor feet utilize patented moderately high impact elastic thermal plastic and advanced carbon fiber composite keels.